R-O  Cam Regrinding Service


314 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
T: 315.568.5804 F: 315.568.5800
E: info@royaloakgrinders.com






Royal Oak Grinders offers cam regrinding service.  Make sure your cams are in tip top shape.   

So send them in and we will turn them around in a jiffy.

                      STANDARD CAMS                                    SPECIAL CAMS

                          1-FLUTE  .040                                        All except to the left

                          2-FLUTE  .050                                        PRICE

                          3-FLUTE  .040                                        $150.00

                          4-FLUTE  .040

                          5-FLUTE  .040

                          6-FLUTE  .027

                          7-FLUTE  .022

                          8-FLUTE  .022

                          9-FLUTE  .027

                         10-FLUTE .027