Form Relieving Fixture

The R-O® principle of relieving is based on the actuation      

of the basic R-O® fixture as described below.

Its design which has proved so successful, eliminates

 rocking action and affords positive control of relief,

 offers improved grinding control through its master

 drive and stepless speed control.

 The Power unit is a D.C.,110 volt gear reduction motor

 with stepless speed control. Gear reduction is 40:1 giving

 44 inch pounds of torque. Speeds from 0 TO 80 RPM

 at the dial, through a timing belt drive.

Specifications and Dimensions

Weight of manual fixture …90 lbs. (41Kg)

Weight of motorized fixture …125 lbs. (57Kg)

Maximum diameter between centers …5-1/2″ (140mm)

Maximum length between centers …8″ (203mm)

Royal Oak Grinders